What is ELK-BLEDOM On My Bluetooth List?

Have you ever come across a Bluetooth device named ELK-BLEDOM on your smartphone or PC and wondered what it is? This blog post aims to shed light on the meaning of ELK-BLEDOM, why it appears in your Bluetooth list, and how it functions.

What is ELK-BLEDOM on My Bluetooth List?


In simple terms, ELK-BLEDOM is a Bluetooth LED strip. When ELK-BLEDOM appears in your Bluetooth connection list (on devices such as Android, iPhone, or computers), it likely indicates the presence of a smart LED strip light in proximity.

These LED strip lights can often be controlled through a smartphone application via Bluetooth and are typically available on platforms like Amazon. They utilize a generic chipset, which shows up as ELK-BLEDOM in Bluetooth device lists.

What If I Don’t Own an LED Strip Light?

You don’t need to possess an LED strip light for the mysterious ELK-BLEDOM device to appear on your device. It’s highly probable that the ELK-BLEDOM device showing up in your Bluetooth list belongs to someone in your vicinity.

These LED strip lights have robust Bluetooth signals, allowing them to appear on connection lists even at a considerable distance. While the standard Bluetooth range is around 30 feet, these LED strip lights seem to have a more extensive reach.

How to Locate the ELK-BLEDOM Device

Locating the ELK-BLEDOM Bluetooth device is a relatively straightforward process. You can download and install the “Find My Bluetooth Device” app from Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

After installing the app, follow the provided instructions to locate the device you’re searching for. However, finding the ELK-BLEDOM device might be challenging in situations where you reside in an apartment building with neighbors above or below you.

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Is ELK-BLEDOM a Hidden Camera?

ELK-BLEDOM is not a hidden camera. There have been rumors circulating online that this enigmatic device is a secret camera with Bluetooth capabilities. However, this has not been substantiated.

These rumors likely arise from individuals who are unaware that their LED strip light has Bluetooth capabilities or those who don’t own such a device.

Can You Detect a Hidden Camera in ELK-BLEDOM?

Hiding a secret camera within an LED strip light is not ideal. Doing so could compromise the quality of the footage due to interference from the light source.

Furthermore, such a device would require a stable power source and internal storage, which LED strip lights typically lack.

How to Connect to the LED Strip Light

When using a LED light controller application like “DuoCo Strip” for iOS and Android, there’s no room for a camera. When you run this application, you might see “ELK-BLEDOM” or “BLEDOM” in the “Group Manage” tab. If this is what you see, it indicates a strip light. If the signal strength is high, you might be able to connect to the LED strip light.

Since LED strip lights don’t employ wireless security, you can control them using the app from anywhere. Another compatible application is “Wunderfind,” available on Android and iOS. With “Wunderfind,” you can determine the physical location of the ELK-BLEDOM device. To do this, run “Wunderfind” and move around the area to gauge the distance to the ELK-BLEDOM device.


How do I identify an unknown Bluetooth device?

To locate an active Bluetooth device, ensure you enable Bluetooth on your device first. Then, download “Wunderfind” for your Android or iOS device and launch the app. You’ll see a list of Bluetooth devices detected by your phone using its built-in Bluetooth radio.

How do I know who is connected to my Bluetooth?

Swipe down from the top of your screen, long-press Bluetooth, and if your device or accessory appears under “Available media devices” next to your device’s name, click Settings. If you don’t see any accessories listed under “Previously connected devices,” click “See all.”

Why is my Bluetooth in hidden devices?

Bluetooth might be hidden from the list in Device Manager. To search for hidden devices, access Device Manager and tap the View menu. Select “Show hidden devices” to check if Bluetooth is now visible.

Can someone hack into my phone via Bluetooth?

Cybercriminals can exploit Bluetooth on your smartphone and install malware, even when it’s turned off. They can intercept data transmitted via Bluetooth. Though the data is encrypted, hackers can still capture it through a Bluetooth connection.

Can hackers turn on your Bluetooth?

Some hackers can briefly control your smartphone via Bluetooth, even for under 10 seconds. What’s more concerning is that this can occur without user interaction. This type of cyberattack works by sending spam messages via Bluetooth.


When you encounter ELK-BLEDOM in your Bluetooth list, it’s an indicator that a LED strip light is in proximity, possibly belonging to your neighbors. There’s no need to be concerned, as this enigmatic device is not a hidden camera.


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