Top 10 Crazy Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

A unique business concept that will let you stand out from the competition may make starting a new company thrilling. Some odd company concepts can be excellent if they address common customer needs. Our experts provided some insane business ideas to help inspire you and attract consumers.

Here are 10 inspired, crazy business ideas from the pros:

1. Design Pizza Box Ads

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Lori Ramas, Business Efficiency Expert, Relezant

Take into consideration this strategy, which has worked well for me, if your demographic is similar to that of any of your neighborhood pizzerias. Enter and inform them that you would want to pay for an advertisement for them as part of your company’s community outreach program. Inform them that you will be producing a double-sided advertisement with your offer or ad on one side and the offer they desire on the other. You’ll pay to have them printed, then request that they staple one to each pizza box for the duration of the month (which might be thousands of boxes). As a co-branded community deal, you may distribute them to your neighborhood or via email, Facebook, and other online platforms. The deal’s community-based atmosphere will be appreciated by your shared demo, and you’ve now established trust and relationships with neighborhood companies.

2. Clean Parking Lots

Brian Winch, Owner, Cleanlots

Parking lot trash cleanup is described in Entrepreneur magazine as “a simple, inexpensive, and potentially lucrative business to get into, and the market is growing.” My company provides a step-by-step guide to assist people in starting their own parking lot cleaning service. The company may be started from home with modest startup expenses (as little as $100 for basic litter collection equipment). The biggest operational costs are petrol and vehicle maintenance. You may earn up to $50,000 per year working part-time, $100,000 per year working full-time, and much more if you hire an army of cleaners. People who use our concept may continue working at their full-time day jobs without encountering any issues because the work is done after hours, when companies are closed.

3. Start a Register of Health & Wellness Influencers

Start a Register of Health & Wellness Influencers
Start a Register of Health & Wellness Influencers

Fab Giovanetti, CEO, Health Bloggers Community

A record of influencers was conceived for two purposes. The first inspiration for the concept came from reading often about the issue of an uncontrolled business and scanning news. Second, we asked bloggers and influencers who were discussing the same problems what they thought the best course of action should be. They advise you as a business mentor that you need at least 250 favorable reviews for your product in order for it to be commercially successful. It is precisely from their needs that we may create something wholly original and innovative.

4. Make Video Tombstones

Robert Barrows, President, R.M. Barrows, Inc. Advertising & Public Relations

The use of video tombstones will spark a great deal of debate. Because no one can predict what someone may say through a video gravestone from beyond the grave—and whether it will be the truth or a lie—they will also raise some intriguing free speech problems. In addition, a disagreement of such like would greatly increase public awareness of video tombstones. Video tombstones might be used to tell stories that might be the basis for television and film ventures. Even a subpar horror film based on stories conveyed through video tombstones might gross millions of dollars, even if there may be several thousand dollars in profit to be gained from the sale of a video tombstone.

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5. Start a Hotel for Pets

Marc Prosser, Co-founder, Fit Small Business

It might not be as absurd a notion as many imagines. It’s hardly unexpected that a facility for pets that resembles a hotel would provide all these services since coffee shops and spas specifically for them are springing up everywhere. You’ll need a website that, like ordinary hotels, has a professional appearance and feel, starting with a domain name that is consistent with your brand. We suggested Bluehost, which charges just $2.95 a month for domain registration, website hosting, and even a business email address.

6. Sell Dog Leggings

Lisa Baronoff, Founder, Walkee Paws

It goes without saying that dog owners nowadays indulge their pets more than ever. Pet fashion is becoming increasingly fashionable every year, in addition to spending more money on higher-quality meals, goods, and services. Because, let’s face it, a dog can wear everything a person can. You can create dog gear, like the one my company sells, that is not only enjoyable, fashionable, and adorable but also offers dogs the greatest level of comfort and paw protection while keeping dirt and germs outside where they belong.

7. Become a Wedding Officiant

Diane Huth, The Accidental Career Coach, Brand Your Guide

Being a lay minister and officiating at weddings, vow renewals, and even atheist funerals and wakes is one of the coolest jobs imaginable. According to The Knot, officiants—as they are known—are often compensated between $500 and $800 to officiate a wedding ceremony. Not too bad for a few of hours of labor. Many internet “churches” will “ordain” you as a minister in exchange for a donation. Visit,, or For less than $100 and with a seven-day turnaround, you may permanently ordain clergy. Additionally, it is possible to purchase a “kit” that often costs about $200 and includes wedding certificates, ID cards, parking permits, and even a religious organization set up. You may want to invest in a robe or sash to look official, or just wear a nice business suit.

8. Use AI to Read Emotions

Use AI to Read Emotions
Use AI to Read Emotions

Bryan Mattimore, Co-founder & Chief Idea Guy, Growth Engine Innovation Agency

Software solutions like Affectiva are used to recognize human emotional states via biometric feedback systems, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and voice analytics. The goal is to develop “meeting involvement and efficiency” solutions by utilizing the most recent developments in emotion tracking. A new service that: 1) rates the interest and emotional involvement of all meeting participants; 2) compares these results with other group meetings; and 3) encourages (and provides helpful suggestions for) the meeting organizer, leader, or presenter to create better or more emotionally satisfying meetings for the participants could be developed by non-invasively monitoring the emotional states of the meeting attendees.

9. Develop a Tool That Collects Search Data     

Adam White, Founder, SEO Jet

For website owners who want to know what customers are really searching for when they visit their website through Google, this business concept addresses a very particular need. Website owners no longer know what key words are generating traffic from search since Google ceased disclosing the actual searches that users were conducting a number of years ago. Thousands of businesses would pay a monthly charge for a program that could analyze data from both Google analytics and the search panel to determine which key words are actually generating traffic. The most successful new company concepts address a widespread issue, and this one certainly does.

10. Sell “Unusual Cakes” Online

Maggie Aland, Marketing & Review Editor, Fit Small Business

Unusual cakes can range from “small money cakes” that are hollow and packed with paper banknotes in plastic pouches that guests can pluck out after blowing out the candles to big, three-tier cakes that have a person hidden inside ready to surprise guests. You may use your very own internet store to sell these goods. Big commerce is an online marketplace that effortlessly connects to well-known websites like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and WordPress to increase the visibility of your items. Even novice sellers may put up a fully functional website in a matter of hours thanks to their easy-to-use advanced selling capabilities.


As a small company owner, creativity will go a long way and may even be your key to success. When you launch your next firm, bear in mind this collection of bizarre business concepts from the experts.

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