10.10 0.1 Piso WiFi Pause Time and Admin Portal in 2023?

In the fast-paced world of technology, advancements in connectivity have transformed how we interact with the digital landscape. Piso WiFi has gained significant popularity in providing wireless internet access to users, particularly in public places. However, the traditional Piso WiFi model has evolved, and one of the notable additions is WiFiPause Time. In this article, we will explore the functionality of Piso WiFi Pause Time, Admin Vendo, Portal, and potential drawbacks in 2023.

What is Piso Wifi?

Piso WiFi is an ISP (internet services provider) system in the Philippines that allows users to access the internet by inserting coins or tokens for a specific duration. It has become a prevalent solution for businesses to offer customers, tourists, and passersby internet services at a reasonable price. 

What is IP Address

The IP address is a fundamental component of the Class A private IP address range. If you’re wondering why this IP address might be significant, it’s frequently utilized as a default IP address for many large networking and WiFi routers.

It’s important to note that this IP address isn’t directly linked to the global internet. Instead, it serves as a bridge, facilitating communication between devices within a private network.

Moreover, plays a specific role for routers like Comcast Xfinity. Several router manufacturers employ this address as an administrative gateway or access point. It’s the digital door to your router’s inner workings, allowing you to manage and configure its settings easily.

So, if you ever need to tweak your router’s settings or check its status, is your virtual key to access the control centre.

What is Piso WiFi Pause Time?

Pause Time is a tool that Piso WiFi providers use to create a balanced and efficient experience for all users. It’s a way to promote fair usage and enhance the quality of their WiFi services. Let’s break down the details about “Pause Time” in Piso WiFi to provide you with a clear understanding:

Purpose of Pause Time: In Piso WiFi, “Pause Time” serves a specific purpose. It refers to the duration during which your internet connection is temporarily halted after a certain period has passed. Piso WiFi providers put this mechanism in place to ensure better control and management of their WiFi services. Piso WiFi Pause Time Piso WiFi Pause Time

Variable Pause Durations: The actual duration of “Pause Time” can vary, depending on the specific Piso WiFi provider and their settings. For instance, one provider may grant 30 minutes of internet access for a fee and set a 5-minute pause before you can reconnect to the network.

Temporary Internet Deactivation: During the “Pause Time” interval, your internet access is temporarily disabled. That means you won’t be able to browse the web or use the WiFi service for that duration. It’s a brief interruption aimed at maintaining fair usage and ensuring all users have equal access to the service.

How to use the Piso WiFi Pause Time

You can follow these steps to use the Piso WiFi Pause Time function:

  1. Open your web browser and type in the address bar. This takes you to the Piso WiFi Admin Panel.
  2. Log in using your assigned username and password.
  3. Scroll down until you see “Internet Access Time” and click on it.
  4. You’ll find three options: 30 minutes, 1 hour, and 2 hours. Choose your desired time by clicking the radio button next to it.
  5. Confirm your choice by clicking “Apply.”
  6. To activate the pause, find the “Pause” button below “Internet Access Time” and click it.
  7. The pause starts immediately, blocking network access for the chosen time.

With these steps, you’re in control of your network’s time. Perfect for focusing on work or quality family moments. Enjoy!

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How to Login to

If you want to access your router’s settings, logging in to is straightforward. To get started, ensure you’re connected to the router and have the default username and password at hand. Follow this simple guide to access

  1. Connect to Your Router: Make sure your device is connected to your router through a wired or wireless connection.
  2.  Open Your Web Browser: Launch your preferred web browser on the connected device.
  3.  Enter the IP Address: In the browser’s address bar, type “” and press Enter.
  4.  Login: You’ll be directed to the router’s login page. Enter the default username and password. Usually, for most routers, the default username is “admin,” and the default password is either “admin” or left blank. Check your router’s manual for the specific default login credentials.
  5.  Access Your Router Settings: Once you’ve successfully logged in, you’ll have access to your router’s settings. From here, you can configure various aspects of your network, such as security, Wi-Fi settings, and more.

WifiPause Features

WifiPause is your digital ally for managing internet usage effectively and ensuring a harmonious balance between your online and offline life. Whether you’re a parent, an individual seeking productivity, or anyone looking to optimize their internet experience, WifiPause has covered you. Let’s dive into the key features of WifiPause to help you understand how it can benefit you:

1. Scheduled Pauses for Better Control: WifiPause empowers you to schedule internet pauses at specific times throughout the day. This feature is incredibly handy for parents looking to manage their children’s screen time effectively. It also caters to individuals who want to establish dedicated “offline” periods for work or relaxation, allowing you to strike a healthy balance.

2. Tailored User Profiles: With WifiPause, you can create distinct user profiles, which means you can personalize your internet usage restrictions. For parents, this translates into applying unique rules for each child. Similarly, individuals within the same household can set boundaries according to their preferences, ensuring everyone’s needs are met.

3. Control Over Websites and Apps: WifiPause doesn’t stop at scheduling pauses; it also lets you block specific websites and applications during these intervals. This nifty feature aids in maintaining focus on important tasks by eliminating distractions like social media or gaming websites, helping you boost productivity.

4. Insightful Usage Monitoring: The software provides detailed usage statistics. This data offers valuable insights into your online habits, enabling you to identify areas where you can improve time management. It’s a useful tool for fostering a healthier digital lifestyle.

5. Convenient Remote Management: WifiPause offers the convenience of remote control through a smartphone app or web interface. This means you can adjust settings, initiate internet pauses, or grant extra access, all from the comfort of wherever you are. It’s all about flexibility and ease of use.

WifiPause Benefits

Here’s how WifiPause can positively impact your life:

  1. Boosted Productivity: Imagine having focused work or study sessions without the constant distraction of the internet. With WifiPause’s scheduled internet pauses, you can create productive, distraction-free time slots that help you get more done efficiently.
  2.  Quality Family Time: For parents, WifiPause is a game-changer. It allows you to instil healthier screen time habits in your children. You can strengthen bonds and create lasting memories by promoting meaningful family interactions.
  3.  Improved Sleep Patterns: Late-night internet browsing can wreak havoc on your sleep quality. WifiPause’s scheduled pauses provide a helpful cue to wind down and unplug from digital devices, fostering better sleep habits and ensuring you wake up refreshed.
  4.  Freedom from Digital Addiction: Break free from compulsive Internet use. WifiPause empowers you to take control of your digital life, helping you establish a balanced and healthier relationship with technology.
  5.  Peace of Mind: Knowing you can manage and monitor your internet usage brings a sense of tranquillity. Say goodbye to anxiety and stress caused by excessive screen time. WifiPause gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

Incorporate WifiPause into your routine, and experience the positive transformation it brings to your productivity, family life, sleep patterns, digital habits, and overall peace of mind. Your well-being is just a click away.

Piso WiFi Pause Function Drawbacks

Here are some limitations of the Piso WiFi Pause Function:

User Frustration: The Pause Function can potentially frustrate users by temporarily cutting off their internet access. This might not sit well with those accustomed to uninterrupted connectivity.

Business Client Impact: If your Piso WiFi primarily serves business clients, using the Pause Function might lead to dissatisfaction and even the loss of customers who rely on consistent network access.

Limited User Targeting: Unfortunately, this feature cannot selectively restrict access for individual users. It primarily provides an all-or-nothing approach, which may not be suitable for more nuanced control.

Consider these factors carefully to determine if the Pause Function aligns with your network management needs.

How to pause/stop Piso Wifi?

If you ever need to deactivate the Piso WiFi Pause Function, follow these straightforward steps:

  • Log in: Access your Piso WiFi Admin Panel using your login credentials.
  • Find “Pause Access”: Scroll down and locate the “Pause Access” option.
  • Enter Password: You’ll be prompted for your password. Enter it.
  • Click “Apply”: After entering your password, click “Apply.”

These simple steps will deactivate the pause function, giving you uninterrupted network access. It’s a quick and easy process that ensures you have control over your network whenever needed.


WifiPause is your go-to tool in today’s digitally-driven world. With its impressive range of features, such as scheduled pauses, personalized user profiles, and website/app blocking, WifiPause offers a comprehensive solution to manage your internet usage effectively.

By cultivating healthier online habits, this tool enables individuals and families to create a harmonious equilibrium between the digital realm and the real world, leading to a more satisfying and productive life. So, why wait? Harness the power of WifiPause today and take command of your digital destiny!


Is Piso WiFiPause Time compatible with all devices?

Yes, Piso WiFiPause Time is compatible with most internet-enabled devices, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Can users extend their WiFiPause Time session indefinitely?

No, WiFiPause Time sessions have predefined limits, and users cannot extend them indefinitely.

Are there any legal concerns with offering Piso WiFi services?

Business owners should comply with local regulations and ensure proper licensing when offering Piso WiFi services.

How can I upgrade my existing Piso WiFi system to incorporate WiFiPause Time?

To upgrade, you can consult Piso WiFi technology providers who offer WiFiPause Time integration services.

Is Admin Vendo compatible with different Piso WiFi hardware vendors?

Admin Vendo is designed to work with various Piso WiFi hardware vendors, offering versatility to business owners.

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