Write For Us

We at gadgetsbreak.com welcomes contributions from journalists, writers and academics in Pakistan, India, United States and from all over the world.

We looks for the public stories related to the technology, business, marketing, cleaning, home improvement, login (related to the website core topics), and how to (related to the website core topics). The content aims to connect the provocative thinkers—scholars, polemicists, essayists—to a wider audience.

What sort of stories do we publish? 

We publish content that has a strong connection to our core topics: technology, business, marketing, cleaning, home improvement, login (related to the website core topics), and how to (related to the website core topics). We publish listicles, long articles and short stories. The normal guest article/story word count is between 1500 and 2500 words.

What do you absolutely not publish?

We do not publish casino, gambling, adult, cbd, and crypto related content. The content should not have a aggressive tone, unless paired with substantial original reporting. No celebrity interviews, individual movie, and music. The content must have something new to reveal either in terms of fact or argument, otherwise, it will be rejected.

How do I pitch to GadgetsBreak? 

Send us your email with your main idea. First introduce yourself and then add your previous work samples also. If this is your first time then don’t worry, we want to publish newer, fresher voices. The content must not violate any type of governmental rules, other you will be asked to fine-tune your story idea before commissioning it.

What makes a good pitch?

Make sure to add your main story or idea in the pitch. Write specific about your topic or story.

Showcase a thorough reporting plan with in-depth research. Highlight the broader context and suggest potential interviews with focused questions.

Emphasize your story’s uniqueness and relevance. Clearly state what sets it apart from previous coverage and why readers should care. Convey your personal interest and stress your qualifications for this narrative.

Treat the pitch as an audition for your storytelling skills. Craft a concise, engaging narrative, mirroring your planned style. Prioritize precision, ensuring a well-written pitch free from errors to demonstrate your commitment to a polished final piece.

What does your editing process look like?

If the content fulfils our terms and conditions then we approve it at first go. Otherwise, each story receives multiple rounds of edits. We will ask you to make changes until it meet our requirements and is suitable for our audience. If you are ready to follow all our guidelines and requirements feel free to email us at [email protected].

Do you have any job openings? 

Sorry, there are no job offerings at the moment, but please check our social media pages for hiring announcements.