Top Liker Instagram Apps: 10 Apps to Get Free Instagram Likes

In the realm of social media, Instagram stands out as one of the most influential platforms. For individuals and businesses alike, achieving higher engagement metrics, such as likes, comments, and shares, is crucial to demonstrating the quality and health of their Instagram accounts. However, it can be challenging and time-consuming for startups to increase these engagement metrics from scratch, making it necessary to seek a top Instagram liker to quickly boost free and organic Insta auto likes.

This article introduces the 10 top liker Instagram apps for both iOS and Android, helping you automatically grow your likes and followers on your Instagram account. Some of these apps are free, while others offer premium versions with additional features.


Benefits of Instagram Top Likers: Over 10 Instagram Likes Free

Automated Instagram likers are invaluable when you aim to popularize your posts and reach a highly relevant audience that has the potential to follow you. This is especially critical when you’re starting from scratch. Here are some key benefits of using an Instagram auto liker app:

  1. Time-saving: Increasing likes manually is a time-intensive process, requiring extensive research and engagement. An Instagram auto liker can save you a substantial amount of time, allowing you to achieve similar or even better results with minimal effort.
  2. Brand building: Building a brand’s presence on Instagram relies on maximizing audience reach for each post. An automated Instagram liker can provide immediate recognition, increase visibility, and boost exposure, helping establish social reputation and authority for a brand within the Instagram community.
  3. Consistency and sustainability: To maintain engagement on an Instagram post, it must remain active and popular over time. An automated Instagram liker can continuously send likes to a post, ensuring consistent engagement. This can lead to frequent visits and interactions from users who may become long-term followers and customers.

How to Choose a Top Liker Instagram App

Selecting the right Instagram liker app is crucial to avoid appearing spammy and risking account suspension due to Instagram’s anti-spam measures. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best Instagram liker:

  1. Organic traffic: Ensure that the Instagram liker app delivers likes and followers from real and active Instagram users, avoiding bots, fake followers, and inactive accounts.
  2. Free likes: If you’re on a limited budget, prioritize Instagram liker apps that offer free likes. Excessive spending on buying likes and comments can be detrimental to long-term business sustainability.
  3. Unlimited and long-lasting likes: Choose an Instagram liker that provides unlimited likes rather than having a limit. Additionally, it should offer consistent and long-term likes and followers to maintain an active account.
  4. Instant delivery: Opt for Instagram liker services that deliver likes promptly without delays or drops. Quick delivery is crucial, especially for posts requiring immediate attention, such as sales announcements or trending topics.
  5. Dedicated apps for iOS and Android: Given that most Instagram users access the platform via mobile devices, select an Instagram liker that is compatible with both iPhones and Android phones, ensuring accessibility for a broader user base.
  6. Increased organic followers: While likes are important, the ultimate goal is to gain followers who regularly visit and interact with your account. Choose an Instagram liker app that can help grow followers organically and automatically.

Comparison of 10 Perfect Liker Instagram Apps

Here’s a comparison of the top 10 Instagram liker apps, each offering a unique set of features and benefits:

App NameAuto LikesPriceSupported OSEase of Use
Like4LikeYesFreeAndroid, Mac, PCYes
Super LikesYesFreeiOS, AndroidYes
IG LikerYesFreeiOS, Android, PCYes
Magic LikerYesFreeAndroidYes
Perfect LikerYesFreeiOS, AndroidYes
Followers GalleryYesFree/PaidiOS, AndroidYes
Follower Pro+YesFree/PaidiOS, AndroidNo
Turbo LikeYesFree/PaidiOS, Android, PC, MacYes
GetInstaYesFree/PaidiOS, AndroidYes
GrowthoidYesFree/PaidiOS, Android, PCNo

5 Best Completely Free Instagram Top Liker Apps:

  1. Like4Like: This service connects users looking to exchange Instagram engagement. It operates on a “like for like” system, where you earn points by liking others’ content and exchange those points for likes on your posts. However, it requires sharing your Instagram username and password, which may raise security concerns.
  2. Super Liker: This Instagram liker app uses a “like for like” method, allowing you to gain free likes by engaging with posts in your niche. Users can earn coins by following and liking content in their niche, which can then be exchanged for likes and followers.
  3. IG Liker: IG Liker offers a simple way to increase likes and followers on your Instagram posts. By completing tasks like viewing, liking, and following other users, you earn coins that can be redeemed for real Instagram likes. Available on iOS and Android.
  4. Magic Liker: Magic Liker operates on a similar premise, where you view and like photos or videos to earn stars, which can be exchanged for likes from other users. It contributes to real likes and organic follower growth.
  5. Perfect Liker: Perfect Liker involves liking, commenting on, and sharing other users’ posts to earn tokens that can be used to obtain more likes on your own posts. It offers an option to invite friends to use the app, potentially increasing your likes and followers.

5 More Instagram Top Liker Apps:

  1. Followers Gallery: This free-to-use Instagram liking tool claims to provide real likes and followers within 24 hours. Users earn coins through app-based activities, which can then be exchanged for free likes and followers or used for subscription plans.
  2. GetInsta: GetInsta offers a free plan for high-quality Instagram followers and likes. While it claims to be password-free, you still need to create an account. It also offers premium plans for instant and automatic followers.
  3. Followers Pro+: This Instagram liker app helps increase engagement and growth on your account. It can analyze your profile and follower activity, tracking gained and lost followers. It is ideal for monitoring a single account or multiple accounts with the premium version.
  4. Turbo Like: Turbo Like for Instagram guarantees 1,000 free real likes instantly to your photos or videos. It utilizes a coin-based system for engagement exchange and offers in-app purchases for coins or followers.
  5. Growthoid: As an Instagram Growth Company, Growthoid focuses on organic growth through a monthly subscription. It offers a free trial and money-back guarantee. Unlike other Instalikes tools, it employs manual or AI technology to maximize organic growth, rather than bots.


Selecting a top Instagram liker app can significantly enhance your Instagram presence, but it’s crucial to choose one that employs real and active accounts to avoid potential penalties from Instagram. While free likes are enticing, be cautious of apps that use bots to deliver fake likes and followers, as this can lead to account restrictions or bans.

IG Liker, featured in this article, is an excellent choice for those seeking instant likes and views on their Instagram profile. It’s safe and secure, and you can download the app for iOS or Android to begin your journey to Instagram stardom.

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