Can I deposit using the Muthoot mini smartpay?

Muthoot Mini Smartpay is a revolutionary credit card instrument, offering a myriad of features and advantages. It stands out by providing a unique one-time free cash withdrawal option from your current account via ATM or POS machines, ensuring convenience, reducing hassle, and simplifying banking for users.

What is Muthoot Mini Smart Pay?

Muthoot Mini Smart Pay is a credit card with a distinctive one-time free cash withdrawal feature known as “My Free Cash.” Users can withdraw up to ₹500 per day, three times a month, with a monthly cap of ₹5,000. This service is ideal for those seeking a quick and convenient method to load money into their Muthoot Mini Smartpay account.


Is Muthoot Mini smartpay safe?

Yes, Muthoot Mini Smart Pay transactions are secure. All transactions conducted through Muthoot Mini Smart Pay are securely processed over the existing card number issued by your bank. This not only establishes a robust layer of security but also adds a level of familiarity and trust to the process.

Furthermore, the entire transactional journey unfolds online and takes place within secure bulk centers. This double layer of security guarantees the protection of your financial information. Muthoot Mini Smart Pay prioritizes the confidentiality and integrity of your transactions, providing users with peace of mind as they navigate the world of digital financial services.

Where can I use Muthoot mini smart pay?

Muthoot Mini Smart Pay provides users with flexibility in usage, allowing transactions at any ATM of their preference. Once the money is loaded into the account, the service becomes accessible. However, certain locations, such as airports, hotels, and casinos, may not have ATMs supporting this service. Additionally, availability varies among banks based on their policies, necessitating contact with customer care to confirm service presence or absence in a specific jurisdiction.

The availability of the service is not uniform across all locations, but when active, your card will indicate its readiness for cash withdrawal from ATMs through a distinct green screen display.

As implied by its name, Muthoot Mini Smart Pay is designed to be a resourceful tool whenever you need it, free from any additional costs, whether actively used or not.

What is the Money Transfer Process?

Unlike traditional cards that necessitate loading facilities at various bank branches, Muthoot Mini Smart Pay adopts a direct and efficient money transfer process. Once you successfully withdraw cash through a chosen ATM or POS machine, the withdrawn amount is promptly transferred directly to your account.

Notably, there is no minimum amount requirement to initiate this service. A mere ₹2000 serves as an initial deposit, offering a straightforward and accessible starting point for users who may not require extensive privileges on the card. This streamlined money transfer process aligns with the product’s commitment to simplicity and user convenience, making financial transactions swift and hassle-free.

What is the Application Process?

Applying for Muthoot Mini Smart Pay is straightforward. Visit the Muthoot mini smart pay website, contact their helpline, or visit the nearest Muthoot office. Provide your original ID proof, address proof, and bank account details. After submitting the required documents and completing the necessary formalities, your card will be ready in 5-10 days.

Features of Muthoot Mini Smartpay

Muthoot Mini Smartpay features include:

Credit Card Acquisition

Obtain the Muthoot Mini Smartpay card by providing essential details like name, gender, date of birth, address, telephone number, and email. Upon successful verification, receive a Mastercard from the security system.

ATM & POS Cash Usage

Effortlessly use the Muthoot Mini Smartpay card at any Mastercard-accepting ATM across India. Seamlessly transition it into a convenient cash card when using POS machines that accept Mastercards.

Cash Withdrawal Restriction

Experience flexibility with cash withdrawals, allowing once-daily transactions at ATMs with a maximum limit of ₹500. Adhere to a monthly cap of three withdrawals, enabling efficient cash management.

Daily Account Statement Access

Stay informed with timely updates delivered via email on the 1st, 7th, and 14th of each month. Conveniently access detailed account information through the online banking portal.

Contact Customer Care

Receive prompt and reliable customer support through various channels, including toll-free numbers, emails, and WhatsApp. Obtain assistance for any queries or concerns related to the Muthoot Mini Smartpay card.

Check Balance

Monitor your card balance regularly through online channels. Access comprehensive account statements via the Muthoot Mini Smartpay online banking platform.

Complaints and Cancellation Policy

Lodge complaints through customer care services. Benefit from a swift and customer-centric approach to addressing concerns. The validation of complaints lies with Muthoot Mini Smartpay, emphasizing the commitment to customer satisfaction.


The features of Muthoot Mini Smartpay encompass a well-rounded set of benefits, ranging from efficient cash management to accessible customer support. With its user-friendly approach and transparent policies, Muthoot Mini Smartpay stands as a reliable and convenient financial tool for individuals seeking a seamless banking experience.

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