Top Instagram Trends to Skyrocket Your Social Status in 2024

In the dynamic world of social media, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Instagram, with its ever-evolving landscape, presents exciting opportunities for brands to engage their audience through innovative trends. Whether you’re a seasoned Instagram marketer or just starting your journey, these Instagram trends can breathe new life into your social media strategy.

Let’s delve into what’s currently trending on Instagram and how brands can leverage these trends effectively.


1. Challenges: A Viral Sensation

One of Instagram’s most prominent and engaging trends is the rise of challenges. These challenges have taken the platform by storm, providing entertainment and interaction for users. Examples include the “See a Dog, Share a Dog” challenge, encouraging users to showcase their adorable pets, and the Push-Up Challenge, promoting fitness and physical activity. The latter even sees individuals taking their push-up game to the next level by adding another person on their back.


For brands, participating in this trend involves creating a challenge that aligns with their identity or resonates with their Instagram followers. For instance, a kitchen appliance brand might initiate a food-related challenge. Instagram offers a dedicated challenge sticker that can be customized with a unique hashtag (#FOODCHALLENGE, for example). Crafting a catchy challenge name is key to encouraging participation.

2. Instagram Live & IGTV: The Streaming Revolution

Instagram Live, introduced in 2016, is experiencing a surge in popularity. People are spending more time on social media, and Live has become a significant driver of engagement. What sets it apart is how it’s used. Brands are now employing Live to broadcast series-like content, akin to television shows. Examples include live cooking demonstrations, rap battles, and dance-offs.

An exciting recent update enables Live videos to be saved to IGTV, extending their availability beyond the initial broadcast. Moreover, previewing an IGTV video on your Instagram Story can double its engagement, reaching a broader audience. The IGTV Series feature even allows brands to create their own shows directly on Instagram.


With user video consumption on the rise, leveraging Live and IGTV presents an opportunity to engage viewers in real-time and make content accessible whenever they open the app.

3. Stories: The Ever-Popular Format

While Instagram Stories aren’t new, their current popularity is undeniable. Users are sharing Stories at an unprecedented rate, with half of all users engaging with them daily. Consequently, brands are reserving their polished content for their regular feeds.


In Stories, brands are finding innovative ways to interact with their audience. From countdowns to polls and questions, these interactive elements add layers of engagement to the platform. Users find Stories more authentic and engaging, making them a vital tool for brands.

4. Shopping: The Retail Revolution on Instagram

Instagram has evolved into a substantial sales channel for ecommerce brands, with 60 percent of users discovering new products on the platform. For ecommerce businesses, keeping up with the latest shopping trends is paramount.

Did you know that 65 percent of users visit a brand’s website or app after spotting a product on Instagram? Additionally, 46 percent go on to make a purchase. To align your strategy, it’s essential to understand these consumer behaviors.


A significant trend in Instagram shopping is the ability to tag products directly within images, allowing users to make purchases seamlessly within the app. This “in the moment” shopping experience is highly effective. Instagram is also set to introduce “Shops” within the app, enabling brands to establish their virtual storefronts and integrate products directly from their ecommerce websites.


Whether you’re a seasoned Instagram marketer or just beginning, these trends offer fresh avenues for engaging your audience. By embracing challenges, exploring Live and IGTV, leveraging Stories, and capitalizing on shopping trends, you can elevate your brand’s presence on Instagram. Staying at the forefront of these trends not only keeps your content exciting but also ensures your brand remains relevant and engaging in the ever-evolving world of social media.

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