Advertising on Instagram: The Beginner’s Guide

In today’s digital landscape, visibility is the name of the game. Marketers understand the pivotal role that social media plays in achieving this visibility, especially with the ever-declining organic reach and the dynamic shifts occurring on platforms like Facebook. The challenges have been plentiful, but solutions are emerging.

At its core, every marketer yearns for their brand or business to shine brightly on social media. Success hinges on users laying eyes on your content; engagement and conversions depend on this vital exposure. Hence, it’s prudent to explore Instagram advertising as a means to boost brand visibility, direct users to your website, and cultivate new leads.

Advertising on Instagram

Whether you’re a seasoned social media advertiser or a newcomer, this beginner’s guide to Instagram advertising offers an insightful overview of why it’s a worthwhile endeavor and lays down some essential best practices.

Why Instagram Advertising Is Valuable?

Instagram advertising is a sure-fire way to ensure your content reaches users on the platform. Brands that utilize Instagram for content dissemination enjoy the highest engagement rates compared to any other platform, including Facebook. Elevated engagement translates to more eyes on your ad, thereby creating greater opportunities for brand awareness, sales growth, and customer acquisition.

Why Instagram Advertising Is Valuable

Instagram leverages Facebook’s trove of demographic data for precise ad targeting. This capability is a goldmine for marketers. You can tailor your content to reach a specific audience segment, be it males over 18 residing in urban areas, avid video gamers with an affinity for snack foods – the possibilities are limitless. Such pinpoint accuracy grants you control over who views your ads, enhancing the likelihood of resonating with potential converters and delivering a strong return on your marketing investment.

Furthermore, Instagram advertising seamlessly integrates with Facebook’s advertising tools. If you’ve previously ventured into Facebook advertising, the transition will require just a few extra clicks. The platforms share the same operational framework, enabling you to manage all your Facebook and Instagram advertising within a single account. Even if you’re new to Facebook’s ad tools, a little time and dedication will help you navigate them effectively.

Best Practices for Instagram Advertising

Here are 4 best practices for Instagram Advertising:

Best Practices for Instagram Advertising

1. Use Organic Content

The cardinal rule for Instagram advertising is to seamlessly blend in with organic content. Your ads should exude an organic feel, despite being paid promotions. Given Instagram’s highly visual nature, employ high-quality images and videos to showcase your brand or business. Avoid cluttering images with text; instead, reserve textual content for captions.

2. Create Engaging Content

Instagram users seek entertainment, not lengthy whitepapers or case studies. Your ads should aim to amuse and engage. Explore ways to infuse fun and excitement into your posts. Leveraging emotions and staying relevant to current events can be effective strategies. Given Instagram’s visual focus, your approach to ads should be creative, as text ads are not an option.

3. Use Website Links

Unlike regular Instagram posts, advertising allows you to include clickable links in your content. Capitalize on this feature by directing users to your website or specific landing pages. Use clear calls to action like “Learn More,” “Sign Up,” or “Request Info” to guide interested users to the next step in the customer journey.

4. Host Contests and Giveaways

Instagram’s engaged user base makes it an ideal platform for hosting contests and giveaways. Paid promotions for such events can significantly expand their reach. Beyond engagement, consider the data-gathering potential – ask users for their names and email addresses when they participate in contests.


When you’re embarking on your journey into social media advertising, the intricacies of each platform can be daunting. Take a moment to explore the possibilities of Instagram advertising. This beginner’s guide equips you with the knowledge to begin your social media advertising journey and ensures your brand’s presence shines brightly on these platforms.

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