These Will Be the Top Home Decor Trends of 2023, According to the Experts

It comes as no surprise that the top home design trends for 2023 emphasize comfort—whatever that means to you—given the year we’ve all experienced. A tufted velvet couch that makes you think of Grandma’s house and makes you feel at home could be what you’re looking for in a minimalist aesthetic (see out Japandi style), or perhaps you’re looking for consolation in the clean lines of a minimalist aesthetic (see below for Grandmillennial style). The focus of 2023’s home decor trends is on designing a space that is cozy, practical, and above all, a reflection of you. Let’s applaud that!

Earth Tones

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Earth tones, such as beige, brown, burnt umber, and terracotta, will undoubtedly be fashionable in 2023. “A trend that often came up in discussions with builders and designers on Houzz was a resurgence in interest in brown-hued furnishings. According to the Houzz design professionals, warm taupes, beiges, sands, and really any earth tone are becoming more fashionable.

Do you have any painting plans for the New Year? Instead of brilliant white, think about using a warm beige or greige.

Oversized Tiles

Choose bigger size tiles for the bathroom instead of the little penny tiles with the dirty grout lines. The Houzz design experts say that “fewer grout lines mean less cleaning and less visual clutter.” Additionally, a tiny room might seem larger because to the large-format tile.

Grandmillennial Style

Grandmillennial Style
Grandmillennial Style

Millennials are redecorating with a nostalgic sense of design that is influenced by the comforts of Grandma’s house (cue the velvet couch, needlework, and flowery drapes!). Expect to see retro accents, antique patterns, and bright, contemporary hues combined together, claims

Home Gyms  

If the epidemic has taught us anything, it’s that we should all be conscious of our lifestyle and health choices. Not all gyms have reopened, and many individuals have adapted to at-home workout regimens. Therefore, having a place to work out is crucial, particularly for Asha Kai, CEO of the sportswear companies Cor and Ultracor. Being active these days is a must for mental wellness, according to her.

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Kai constructed a gym on the first floor of her Los Angeles home before the outbreak. When she was unable to attend her usual Pilate’s session, she had more than enough equipment to keep in shape.

She was left with no choice when COVID shut down everything. “If I want to perform at my best while managing two national companies and parenting three children, working out must continue to be a priority. I consider myself tremendously lucky to have a home gym to stay in shape because the epidemic has limited access to gyms and studios.

However, it doesn’t always imply that you can’t work out at home if you don’t have much area or a dedicated room. Doug Bopst, a personal trainer and podcast presenter, doesn’t think having more space or purchasing pricey equipment is essential. “With dumbbells, tension bands, and a ball, you can easily split off a space in your office, family room, or basement. Then build on it,” he advises.

Another option is to buy portable cardio equipment. “I recommend that folks get a brand-new rowing machine. Plan to spend around $900. When not in use, you may conserve room by leaning it against the wall, he advises.

Store dumbbells, exercise bands, and other equipment in a cube-shaped bookshelf with bins to make a home gym space mix in with your décor theme. You can match this unit from Wayfair with your furniture since it comes in a variety of wood tones.

Elevated Outdoor Spaces

Elevated Outdoor Spaces
Elevated Outdoor Spaces

“For health and safety concerns, individuals in 2023 spent more time in their yards. According to Blakeney, a lot of people were watching birthday parades from their front yards, mingling distantly in their backyards, or sitting on their patios for the first time.

Outdoor carpets and dining sets will likely become popular options for most backyards, according to her prediction that inside areas would continue to influence outdoor design. The same is true for outdoor fireplaces and other heat sources, which are crucial in colder climes.

Nature-Inspired Designs

In recent years, the natural environment has had a significant impact on design. We want for a rekindled connection with nature and the outdoors more than ever. According to Rebecca Breslin, Senior Design Manager at Wayfair Professional, “Nature’s beauty, structure, and flaws are shown in organic materials and pure fabrics. Earth tones, organic forms and textures, woven rattan, and recycled materials speak to our desire for environmentally friendly design and daily wellbeing.

One such instance of nature-inspired design is the prevalence of plants. Houseplants have been quite popular over the last couple of years, according to Apartment Therapy’s Home Director Danielle Blundell. “Everyone is bringing in trees, and they have windowsill gardens, maybe even an herb garden, but it’s just plants on top of plants on top,” said the speaker. And I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

The addition of biophilic features, according to Blundell, will change this aesthetic in 2023. “It’s a focus on flora and animals. Cute blooms and extremely springtime palettes have been seen before. It’s a little bit moodier and earthier this time around.


Numerous improvements were held up and delayed by COVID. But these initiatives are now finally being completed in 2021. Elizabeth Sutton, a designer and artist, says there is a general tendency toward going above and beyond to attain the ideal look. “People were finishing up their rooms and would neglect to add finishing touches like paintings and other items after their furniture arrived. However, I’ve seen a lot of art purchases this year as well as towards the end of last year, as well as the addition of new carpets and painting of walls, to bring vitality to houses.

After all, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be ideal if we are going to be spending so much time there.


Q: What are the top home decor trends of 2023?

A: The top home decor trends of 2023, as predicted by experts, include natural elements, warm and earthy color palettes, maximalist designs, sustainable and eco-friendly materials, and a focus on creating cozy and comfortable spaces.

Q: What do natural elements refer to in home decor trends?

Natural elements in home decor trends refer to incorporating materials such as wood, stone, and natural fibers like rattan or jute. It involves bringing the outdoors inside by incorporating plants and botanical motifs into the design.

Q: What colors are popular in the home decor trends of 2023?

Warm and earthy color palettes are popular in the home decor trends of 2023. This includes shades like terracotta, olive green, mustard yellow, warm neutrals, and earthy tones that create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Q: What is meant by maximalist designs in home decor?

Maximalist designs in home decor refer to bold and eclectic styles that embrace vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and an abundance of textures and decorative elements. It involves creating visually rich and layered spaces with a mix of patterns, textures, and accessories.

Q: Are sustainable and eco-friendly materials a part of the home decor trends of 2023?

Yes, sustainable and eco-friendly materials are a significant part of the home decor trends of 2023. There is a growing emphasis on using environmentally friendly and ethically sourced materials such as recycled wood, organic textiles, and natural fibers in home furnishings and accessories.

Q: How can I create a cozy and comfortable space in line with the home decor trends of 2023?

To create a cozy and comfortable space in line with the home decor trends of 2023, you can incorporate soft and plush textures like velvet or faux fur, use warm lighting options such as string lights or table lamps, add layers of throw pillows and blankets, and create intimate seating areas with comfortable furniture.

Q: Are there any other notable home decor trends of 2023?

Apart from the mentioned trends, some other notable home decor trends of 2023 include the use of vintage and retro-inspired pieces, statement ceilings, incorporating wellness and self-care elements like meditation spaces or aromatherapy diffusers, and embracing the concept of “grandmillennial” style, which combines traditional elements with modern touches.

Q: Where can I find inspiration for incorporating these home decor trends into my space?

You can find inspiration for incorporating home decor trends of 2023 from various sources such as interior design magazines, websites, social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, home decor blogs, and by visiting furniture and home decor stores. Additionally, consulting with an interior designer can provide valuable guidance and suggestions tailored to your specific space and preferences.

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