MyEnvoyAir Guide: How to Login and Register for the American Airliner Web Portal

MyEnvoyAir is a web portal for American regional airliner Envoy Air. This web portal provides the airline’s employees with their personal information and tools related to their jobs. This portal is user-friendly and easy to use for its users. The users can easily use the required tools on this web portal and perform their tasks seamlessly. We will guide you on how to login and register to the MyEnvoyAir web portal.

What is MyEnvoyAir?

MyEnvoyAir is a web portal that is designed for the employees of American Airliner Envoy Air (Envoy Air is a subsidiary of American Airlines Group.) Airlines of America introduced this service to provide quality services to its employees.

Envoy Air From American Airlines Group
Envoy Air From American Airlines Group

The airline’s passengers can use this web portal to visit 150 destinations from the United StatesMexicoCanadaSouth America, and the Caribbean islands. The users can easily navigate and use the features of this web portal to provide the best services to customers. These features are:

Easy Scheduling

This feature allows the employees to see their working time. The employees can also use other features like time off requests and the ability to swap shift time with other coworkers.


This feature allows the employees to access and view their salary-related details. The employees can also use other features like tracking work time and managing salary deposit information.

Retirement and Health

This feature allows the employees to access health insurance information. The employees can also access retirement plans and other benefits offered by the company.


This feature allows the employees to access more training-related content. The employees can use this material to learn the required skills to do the job more effectively. They can also learn more skills and get benefits from these skills.

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What is the Registration Process of MyEnvoyAir?

Creating an account on the MyEnvoyAir portal is a simple process. You can follow these steps to register on the MyEnvoyAir portal:

my.envoyair login page
my.envoyair login page
  • Visit
  • Click “First time user?” on the bottom-left side of the page.
American Airlines Login Portal
  • Click “Register now” at the bottom-left of the page.
MyEnvoyAir Register Now
  • Enter your Employee ID or Contactor number and click on Submit.
MyEnvoyAir Registeration Process
  • Now follow the instructions onscreen, write a unique username and password on the required fields, and click Register.
  •  You will get a pop-up message saying your account has opened successfully. 

Ensure you provide all the required information correctly to complete the registration process.

How to Login to MyEnvoyAir Account?

The login process on MyEnvoyAir is simple. You need a mobile, laptop, or desktop computer with an internet connection, and you are good to go. Follow these steps to log in to your MyEnvoyAir Account:

  • Visit
  •  Enter your AA ID (Employee ID or Contractor ID) and password, and click “Login”.
MyEnvoyAir Login Process
  • You will be redirected to your account dashboard.

You must provide your correct AA ID; if you do not have it, you can get it from the MyEnvoyAir customer service department.

How to reset the Password of MyEnvoyAir Account?

If you forget the password of your MyEnvoyAir Account and want to reset it, you can do it easily from the official website. Follow these steps to reset your account password:

  • Visit
  •  Click on “Forget Password?” at the bottom of the page.
MyEnvoyAir Password Reset
  • Now identify yourself by entering your AA User ID and click on “Next”.
MyEnvoyAir Password reset process
  • Now follow the instructions on the page and provide all the required information.
  •  Once your identity is confirmed, a new page will appear and ask you to enter a new password.
  •  Enter the new password and confirm it.

Now, you can use your new password to login to your My Envoy Air account.

What are the advantages of MyEnvoyAir?

MyEnvoyAir has many advantages for its users. Some of the benefits are:

  • A user can access their account from the portal 24/7.
  •  Users can watch their work performance and improve their performance according to that.
  •  Users can track new knowledge about their work and improve their skills.
  •  The MyEnvoyAir provides a secure connection that follows privacy, security safety, and privacy of the user’s sensitive information.
  •  The users can see information about flight details, leave details, pay slip records, and work schedules.


MyEnvoyAir platform from American Airlines Group allows you to compare Envoy AirPiedmont Airlines, and PSA Airlines and easily book flights online. It’s designed to be user-friendly and offers competitive prices for finding the best air travel deals. Many American airlines have created such portals to help travellers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What countries does Envoy Air fly to?

Envoy Air flies to 150 destinations from the United States, Mexico, Canada, South America, and the Caribbean islands.

How to download the pay slip for Envoy Air?

Login to your account select the date of the pay slip and click the download option

How to find a login user ID?

You can contact the MyEnvoyAir customer service department and submit a request to recover your login user ID. 

What is the nationality of Envoy Air?

Envoy Air is a subsidiary of American Airlines Group which is based in the United States.

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