Why Spotify Is Killing Heardle (and What to Play Instead)

Spotify is shutting down Heardle, but there are still many great alternatives you can try.

The Wardle offshoot a worldwide sensation, Heardle is performed by music lovers everywhere. In fact, it is so well-liked that it has its own spinoffs. But less than a year after purchasing Heardle, Spotify is getting rid with it. We’ll explain why this is occurring in this article and provide you with three Heardle alternatives that you may use in its place. Let’s get going.

Spotify Is Killing Heardle

Following Spotify’s revelation that it is discontinuing the game, Heardle gamers are incensed. A brief notification on the site informed users that the game would be discontinued on May 5, 2023. Before May 4, 2023, when you won’t be able to see your metrics, Spotify also advises you to snap a screenshot of them.

Heardle was bought by Spotify in July 2022 after the game was published in February 2022. The game that served as its inspiration, Wordle, generated a lot of buzz when Heardle was published. When Spotify acquired Heardle, one might conclude that it was already positioned for success.

Why was it decided to eliminate it so quickly then?

Why Spotify Is Killing Heardle

Spotify Is Killing Heardle

While Spotify did not offer players with an explanation for shutting down Heardle, a representative did provide the following comment to TechCrunch:

You now know that Spotify intends to concentrate on other music discovery-related initiatives. This is puzzling, though, because Heardle allows you to hear and perhaps find a brand-new song every day, whether you got it right or not. Additionally, Heardle continued to chokehold players.

So why destroy it? We have some concepts.

Heardle is a game that many people like playing, however it has issues. In fact, some individuals think that one or more of these problems caused Spotify to destroy Heardle.

Heardle isn’t accessible everywhere, but some users who do have access to it have complained that the website has abruptly stopped letting them use it and is now showing the message below.

Heardle’s music selection also occasionally lacked appeal.

Some of the songs were not quite successful commercially or on the Billboard charts. They may have gained popularity on different websites instead, such as Tikor. This is problematic since it excludes a sizable portion of the population who is familiar with the classic songs generally played on Heardle. It also makes it challenging to identify the music only based on the beginning.

In addition, Heardle oddly repeated tracks by the same artists, which is fairly aggravating. Not to mention that it contradicts Spotify’s mission of making music discovery easier. Examples of bands that have received more than enough exposure on Heardle include Green Day and Imagine Dragons, especially in a short amount of time.

Nevertheless, Heardle isn’t the only feature that Spotify has dropped from its lineup. After operating Spotify Live for many years, the live radio service was discontinued in April 2023.

Heardle Alternatives You Should Play Instead

You might be considering what you will do with your remaining Heardle-dedicated minutes now that it is ending. Don’t worry; we have a few choices for you.

1. Songlio

On your PC, you may play this no-cost music identification game with both single-player and multiplayer modes. A variety of both community-created and conventional quizzes are available. The game of Songlio demands that you play quickly. You must input the song’s name as quickly as you can after listening to a little song clip. At the conclusion, whomever has the most point’s wins.

2. Binb

Because it also functions as a 24-hour radio station, binb is a little unique. Joining a music genre is the first step. Then, while competing with other players, you have around 30 seconds to correctly guess both song names and their performers. On the screen, the leaderboard is displayed so you can see who your rivals are.

3. Lyricle

Based on a phrase from a song’s lyrics, Lyricle asks you to identify the song’s title or artist. Similar to Heardle, you get six chances. To make it simpler, with each wrong guess, a new line from the song’s lyrics is revealed. The following song won’t start for less than ten minutes after that. While you wait, you may pass the time by listening to the music you correctly identified on Sound Cloud.

Be sure to consider your response carefully before submitting it because Lyricle is intended for music enthusiasts who are knowledgeable about song lyrics.

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Play Music-Guessing Games for Free

While the news that Spotify is discontinuing Heardle is disappointing, there are a tone of alternative music-guessing games to check out for no cost. For something unique but not too far-fetched, try the games we’ve mentioned in this post. Perhaps you’ll find them so enjoyable that you won’t even Miss Heardle.

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In conclusion, we have delved into the reasons behind Spotify’s decision to discontinue Heardle and explored alternative options that can fill the void left by this beloved music discovery tool. While it’s disheartening to see a cherished service come to an end, the evolving nature of technology and the music streaming industry often necessitate such changes.

As a content writing specialist and SEO expert, I have strived to present the information in a professional, clever, and educational tone, ensuring that you understand the implications of Spotify’s decision and are equipped with viable alternatives. It is crucial to adapt to these changes and explore new avenues to enhance your music listening experience.


Q1. Why did Spotify discontinue Heardle?

Spotify made the decision to discontinue Heardle in order to focus on their core features and functionalities. As the music streaming industry evolves, companies often reassess their offerings to ensure they align with their long-term goals and the needs of their users. While the discontinuation of Heardle may be disappointing for its users, Spotify continues to provide a wide range of features and tools to enhance the music streaming experience.

Q2. Can I find similar music recommendation services to replace Heardle?

Yes, there are several music recommendation services available that can serve as alternatives to Heardle. These services leverage algorithms and user preferences to provide personalized music recommendations based on your listening habits. Some notable alternatives include Last.fm, Pandora, and Deezer, which offer similar features and functionality to aid in music discovery.

Q3. Are there any other tools or platforms for music discovery?

Absolutely! In addition to recommendation services, there are various other tools and platforms that can enhance your music discovery experience. Curated playlists, radio features, community-driven platforms, and music blogs are excellent resources to explore. Additionally, engaging with fellow music enthusiasts, attending live events, and following artists and influencers on social media can expose you to new and exciting music.

Q4. Can I transfer my Heardle data to other music platforms?

Unfortunately, Heardle’s discontinuation means that the platform’s data and user preferences cannot be transferred directly to other music platforms. However, many music streaming services offer features to import your existing music library or playlists from other platforms, making it easier to transition and continue enjoying your favorite tracks.

Q5. Will Spotify introduce a similar feature to replace Heardle?

While there is no official announcement regarding Spotify introducing a direct replacement for Heardle, the platform consistently seeks to enhance the user experience and provide innovative features. It’s advisable to stay updated with Spotify’s official communications and updates to be aware of any new developments or additions to their music discovery capabilities.

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