Should You Search Google or Type a URL?

When it comes to online navigation, the decision to either Search Google or Type a URL has often posed a considerable dilemma. You’ve likely found yourself in situations where you’ve questioned which option is more efficient, less time-consuming, or safer.

According to a survey, around 84% of the world’s population uses Google as a search engine. With these huge figures, it’s no surprise that it is a go-to choice for finding high-quality and relevant results.

If so, you’re not alone. Many internet users grapple with this issue, questioning whether they should let the search engine direct them or chart their course by typing in the URL.

In this article, we will talk about the pros and cons of each approach, allowing you to make a more informed choice. Let’s get started on this enlightening journey!

What is a URL?

URL means Uniform Resource Locator. It is a unique identifier to locate documents on the world wide web. People use the URL to access online information on a specific page location on the web.

A URL is made up of multiple figures. These figures contain multiple properties i.e. protocol, hostname, port, and path of the URL. When a URL is searched on the web, protocol figures tell which protocol to use (HTTP or HTTPS), and the hostname figures tell the server information.

What is a Search Engine?

A search engine is a program that is built to search user queries across the web and show the best match according to specified criteria for the searched query.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the most popular search engines. These search engines have their own strengths and weaknesses.

With the largest database on the internet, Google is the most popular search engine. Its search results are the most accurate but it does not always return the most relevant results on search queries.

Yahoo is the second most popular search engine after Google. Its database is smaller as compared to the Google database but its search results are more relevant than Google.

Bing is the third most popular search engine on the internet after Google and Yahoo. Its relevancy of search results is more than Google’s but less than Yahoo’s.

How do search engines work?

Search engines are used to find information on the internet using queries from users. You can type your query in the search box of the search engine and the search engine will find the most relevant website that matches the information you are looking for.

The answer to how search engines work is: When you enter a query into the search box and hit enter, the search engine looks for all across the web and shows you the website with the most relevant answer to your query.

Search engines use their algorithms to rank websites according to the relevancy of their data to specific queries and terms. These algorithms calculate the relevancy of data using relevant keywords, fresh content, and backlinks and they constantly update their algorithms for more relevant and accurate results.

What is an Omnibox?

Google Chrome’s Omnibox is a feature that looks like an upgraded address bar with dual purposes. It allows you to enter a website address directly and it also acts as a search engine. It shows its versatility by answering queries and performing mathematical calculations.

The Omnibox features a handy option to “Search Google or type a URL”, enhancing user convenience. The users can type the full website address for quicker navigation or opt to search using specific phrases and keywords to get precise results.

What is Search Google or Type a URL?

“Search Google or type a URL” is a suggestion that you can see in the address bar of the web browser. This function is also called omnibox as it shows the multipurpose of the address bar.

Search Google or Type a URL
Search Google or Type a URL

Different browsers offer similar suggestions in the address bar but they use different words. Here are some web browsers and their suggestion written on the address bar:

Chrome BrowserSearch Google or type a URL
Microsoft Edge BrowserSearch or Enter Web Address
Opera BrowserEnter Search or Web Address
Firefox BrowserSearch or Enter Address

All these suggestions ask you to search using a query or type the URL of the target page.

There are multiple ways that you can use to obtain the required information from websites across the internet.

These ways include using social media platforms, using apps, or other websites. However, these two methods “Searching Google using queries or Typing a URL to access information on target page” stand out from the rest.

These two ways are the most common methods that you can use to access the required information on the internet.

Now the main question that arises here is: Which one of these two methods is better for the users? Searching Google using queries or simply typing the URL of the target website and accessing the required information.

Both of these methods work for you and give you the result by showing you desired information. Now let’s have a closer look at both of these methods and tell you the advantages and disadvantages of these two methods.

Using the ‘Google Search’ Option

The main motivation to develop search engines was to provide quick access to information on the internet by using smart devices like mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktop systems, etc. The search engines find the required data on the indexed pages for users.  

In the Google Search option, you are required to enter the keyword, phrase, or name of the target website in the address bar of the browser. This option is best for users who may not know the exact URL of the target website or they are uncertain about the name of the website or address the composition of the URL.

Enter the website name or the word that is closely related to the website name in the address bar of the browser.

The search engine will show you the most relevant results that are related to your keyword on the result page. You must review the results carefully to find your desired page and get the required information.

Google Search: Pros and Cons

Here are some Pros and Cons of using the Google Search option:

Google Search ProsGoogle Search Cons
You get a wide range of results.It can be time-consuming
You can get instant answers and knowledge panels.It may require more information to show you more relevant results.
It shows you the most accurate results by using advanced algorithms.You may have to open multiple pages before reaching your required page.
It gives you search suggestions by autocomplete alternatives.If the target website is not ranked enough for the typed keyword, you may not access it.

Consider using Google Search when you’re not sure about the exact web address, when researching a new topic, or when exploring multiple sources. It’s like asking a wise friend who knows a lot – Google gives you a multitude of options, and you choose the one that suits your needs best.

Using the ‘Type a URL’ Option

Each page on the web has a URL, a combination of words and phrases in a sequence. When you are on a page, its URL appears in the address bar of the browser. You can easily copy and save this URL for future reference.

When you need to revisit the page, simply paste the copied URL in the Omnibox address bar and hit enter, the search engine will direct you to the required page (the target website or page needs to be active to reopen it).

This is the simplest and most reliable way to visit a specific page if you remember the URL. You can also use the short version of the URL to visit the website if you do not remember the full URL of the page.

If you want to visit a specific page on a website, type the URL of the website followed by the relevant keyword or phrase for that page.

Pros and Cons of Type a URL

Here are some Pros and Cons of typing a URL in the search box:

Type a URL ProsType a URL Cons
It allows you to directly access the required page.You cannot see other relevant results related to your required information.
You can bookmark the pages to visit the instantly, no need to copy-paste the URL.The information on the target page may be outdated and you will not be able to see the latest information.

Typing a URL directly is best when you’re confident about the exact web address. For instance, visiting frequently used sites like your email or a favorite blog. It’s like having a direct line to a trusted friend.

What is difference between Search Google and Type a URL?

Here are the differences between Search Google and Type a URL:

Search GoogleType a URL
It gives you multiple resultsIt takes you to your desired page directly.
You can choose from the different relevant search results.You can only access the information on the target page.
You can use autocomplete feature to get more relevant results.It takes you to your required page so you can get information easily.
It takes more time as you need to visit multiple pages before reaching the required page.It takes less time as it directly takes you to your required page.

What are the Omnibox Shortcuts?

Here are some Omnibox Shortcuts:

CTRL + LIt will take you instantly to the address bar
CTRL + CIt allows you quickly copy the link to the page.

Shortcuts always help you to work smarter and faster. You can use these shortcuts in Omnibox to complete tasks quickly and efficiently.

How to Search for a Specific Word or Phrase on Google?

Type the keyword or phrase in the Google search box and hit enter. Google will show you the most relevant results for your keyword or phrase.

You might be looking for a website, information, or a service. Google then combs through its vast index of the web, returning the most relevant results to your query.

How to type a URL on Google?

Typing a URL is a direct approach. It’s like dialing a phone number. You’re not asking a question; instead, you’re instructing your web browser to take you to a specific web address. This method requires that you know the exact URL of the website you wish to visit.

How to Search a Website on Google?

You can search for a website in Google by typing the complete URL of the website in the search box. If you want to see the indexed subpages of a website then simply type ‘site:’ before the URL of the website.

For example, if I want to see indexed sub-pages of, I will simply add ‘site:’ at the start of the URL ( like this).

When to Use Google Search?

Consider using Google Search when you’re not sure about the exact web address, when researching a new topic, or when exploring multiple sources. It’s like asking a wise friend who knows a lot – Google gives you a multitude of options, and you choose the one that suits your needs best.

When to Type a URL

When you perfectly know the exact web address, typing a URL is the best option for you. For instance, visiting frequently used sites like your email or a favorite blog. It’s like having a direct line to a trusted friend.

Search by Voice Method

Along with Google search and typing a URL, you can also use the voice search method to search on search engines. You can use Voice search methods by using voice commands.

Google Search by Voice Method
Google Search by Voice Method

The ‘search by voice’ method is available on both mobile devices and computers. Here are the steps to use the voice search method on your device.

  1. Press the microphone icon on the right corner of the search bar.
  2. Chrome will take you to a new window and a pop-up will appear and asks for authorization to use the device’s microphone.
  3. Select ‘Allow’
  4. Now speak a keyword or phrase using the microphone and Google’s search engine will show you the most relevant results on the result page.

What are security concerns while Searching Google or Typing a URL?

Here are some security aspects of Search Google or Type a URL:

  • Searching Google can sometimes lead you to unsecured or potentially harmful websites. Therefore, it’s crucial to pay attention to search results, looking out for secure (https) websites.
  • Typing a URL is inherently secure if you know the exact address and it’s a reputable site. However, a simple typographical error can expose you to security risks, leading you to phishing or malware-infected sites.

Regardless of whether you choose to search Google or type a URL, remember these safety tips: always check if the website is secure (HTTPS), be aware of phishing signs, and use reputable security software.

How Can Search Google or Type a URL Enhance Your Experience?

Using the ‘Search Google or Type a URL’ feature can elevate your online browsing experience considerably.

Imagine if you could unlock even more potential from Google than you currently realize. This post guided you on how to use the browser with Search Google or Type a URL functionality.

Your future engagement with Google will provide you with more tips to make internet use more convenient.

‘Search Google or Type a URL’  simple and quick method to explore the internet and generate meaningful results on specific topics. You can easily use either of these options.

You can minimize your search time by aligning and reconfiguring your searches or this may result in more time in scrolling through results.

It’s all about customizing the search string to suit your specific needs, thereby optimizing your online search experience.

Chrome Extensions

The Chrome web store offers many wonderful extensions that can be used to improve the Omnibox experience. Some of these extensions can be used to modify the functionality of the browser and automate the tasks on the front end to complete the general tasks of the user.

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Common Misconceptions

A common misconception is that ‘Searching Google’ and ‘Typing a URL’ are interchangeable. They are not. Each has its unique application and purpose. Understanding these differences is crucial for efficient and safe web browsing.

The Verdict: Should You Search Google or Type a URL

Verdict Search Google or Type a URL
The Verdict: Search Google or Type a URL

Both methods, searching Google and typing a URL directly, have their unique advantages and disadvantages. There is no definitive answer to which one is the best approach. The best approach depends on the specific situation.

If you already know the URL of your target website, then typing the URL can be the best option. However, if you are exploring or unsure about where to go, then Google Search can be an optimal choice, as it can show you a variety of pages that may carry the information you need.


Q: How Can I Better Search?

A: Always try to use descriptive search terms to create search phrases as search engines use these search terms to give the optimized result page. By using these search phrases, Google learns about what you are looking for.  

Q: What is Google Custom Search?

A: Custom search is a domain-specific search feature that allows visitors to search within the website. The visitors can find desired items by searching with relevant keywords and phrases.

Q: How do I find the URL?

A: If you want to know the URL of a website then simply visit the website using Google search and after you reach the target website home page, you can copy the website URL from the address bar.

Q: Should I search Google or type a URL?

A: It depends. When you have the URL of the target website then it’s optimal for you to go with ‘type a URL’, otherwise Search Google is the best option for you as it shows you the most relevant results on the target page.

Q: What happens when we type a URL in Google?

A: When you type a URL in Google and hits enter, Google Search Engine looks for the match in its database of indexed pages, if it finds the page live then it directs you to the page otherwise it shows an error like page not found, etc.

Q: What is a Google URL search?

A: The URL Inspection tool enables you to know about the indexing status of the page and it also allows you to test the indexability of the page. It shows the complete information about the page such as indexing status, structured data, video, and linked Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Q: What are the uses of Omnibox in Chrome?

A: Omnibox is a search bar with multiple functionalities, searching Google and typing URL. It can also perform mathematical calculations and respond to general queries, such as converting feet to centimeters.

Q: How do I open Google Omnibox?

A: Here are the steps to quickly access Google Omnibox:
1.       Go to the Chrome browser and click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner.
2.       Select ‘setting’ from the dropdown and go to search engines.
3.       Now click on ‘Manage search engine and site search.
4.       Now select and make it the default search engine for your browser.


The central premise of this blog post remains that the choice between ‘search Google or type a URL’ largely depends on the specifics of your situation, your comfort, and your security needs. It’s crucial to balance speed and efficiency with safety and accuracy, so making informed choices about how to navigate the web can significantly enhance your online experience.

As you step into the digital world next time, remember these insights and make the best of your online journey. Happy browsing, and stay safe online!

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