Here are the top NFTs with Utility [Updated List]

Practical NFTs are the wave of the future in the NFT industry. Our company highly recommends prioritizing useful initiatives due to their tangible benefits.

Certain initiatives do raise the wealth of the holders and have little practical use. These instances are still considerably less common than the media makes them seem.

OpenSea, the biggest NFT marketplace, now offers over 23 million assets for sale. The NFT world is vast and growing, thus not all assets will increase in value.

What is a utility NFT?

The NFT gives the digital asset a purpose beyond mere possession. Some examples of utility NFTs are tickets to a special event, admittance to a private club, or virtual currency that may be used in a virtual setting (like a video game).

Their ultimate use is in self-definition projects that fall within the realm of utility. Some NFTs provide access to special events, digital worlds (think gaming), or real-world project construction elements (like the WOF Labs project) in exchange for a purchase.

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Everybody hopes to discover and acquire the next Crypto Punk or Bored Ape Yacht Club, but the odds of doing so are astronomically low. Supplain recommends investing in NFTs with real-world applications, clear goals, and active communities, such as us. You can’t go wrong funding something that will really benefit people. With any luck, the NFT will appreciate in value over time, making the initial outlay worthwhile.

Here are the top NFTs with Utility

top NFTs with Utility
NFTs with Utility

Need some inspiration? We’ve got you covered!


The video game World of Freight (WOF) has races with vehicles from the earth, sea, air, and space. All NFTs produce $WOF tokens invisibly, which may be used to personalize and improve automobiles. Supplain, a blockchain application for the supply chain, is another project the community is working on.

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Solana’s NFT Gaming Market Founded by Twitch Co-Founder. They were able to rapidly amass over 100,000 Discord users in only a few short days. Members of Fractal’s staff are experts in e-commerce systems including XPD Media, Google Drive, Fast, and Shopify. Genesis NFTs are distributed to the first 100,000 users of Discord, which may be used by game creators to unlock bonus features and content, such as hidden areas or characters. Better access may be gained via several rarities.


Genesis Editions is the first of four distinct series. Keyholders get exclusive benefits and features in a wide variety of games, apps, and blockchains. One of the coolest features of Decentraland is the key that grants entry to a private clubhouse. Decentraland is also a great place to get one-of-a-kind clothing.


Niftyville’s gameplay is open-world like the Grand Theft Auto universe, allowing players to start again and do anything they want inside the game’s virtual globe. In-game NFTs may be obtained in real life, and setting up virtual stores or enterprises is one way to generate passive revenue. Whitelisting for exotic automobile NFTs, for instance, involves the sale of VIP NFTs. The most unique coin produced will be awarded a #LAMBO. IRL! Betting is an option.


Axie infinity 

The pioneering game in the genre of “play to earn” video games.


A deity-hunting action RPG set on the Ethereum blockchain, where players travel the planet in search of powerful beings known as Illuvials.


Multiplayer tactical first-person shooter with gritty, realistic gunfights set in the near future. A 2014 Steam release.

A blockchain-based, provably fair online horse racing game. Build and run a stable of your own. Founded upon a polygon.


There are 5,555 NFTs, each representing a digital ownership pseudonymous shell/identity, in Deathless City, a planet after civilization has collapsed. Participate in this narrative as these individuals.


Through its open and composable approach to the confluence of NFTs, Defi, and gaming, Treasure serves as a connecting node in the expanding web of metaverses.


Task involving 8,000 NFTs including descriptive terms for “randomised adventurer gear,” including but not limited to popular things seen in RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons. With the metadata characteristics of each NFT, it is the first community-owned game platform with infinite possibilities and applications.

Fashion/Luxury Goods

A CloneX

Produced by RTFKT, the group responsible for developing metaverse-compatible NFTs for the digital fashion industry. In fact, they’ve become good enough at forging NFTs that they’re selling footwear to Nike now. Owners of CloneX will be able to keep their fully rendered 3D avatars used in the Metaverse. Avatars may be outfitted with personalized content and objects that can be used across several worlds and metaverses. It is also possible to make clothes and other stuff in real life.


Connecting real-world luxury goods with the virtual world using NFT. By digitizing and tracking a product throughout its full life cycle, GGG helps to eliminate the sale of fake items. Free up a nascent chain-wide liquid market for these products. Including a staking utility currency, the first unique NFT release will occur in 2022.


Putting NFTs into the real world of high-end goods through an open-source protocol. It provides a marketplace for the sale of high-priced luxury goods as well as the opportunity to claim and verify ownership of tangible things.

Fine Art/Blue Chip Fractionalization

Funky Monkey Frat House

Incubator for creatives, founded by DC Comics superstar Frank Miller. In addition to the income split on the Starship game and the investment DOA for early holders, NFT holders also have access to the POOL PARTY liquidity pool and trading platform (described as a 401K for NFTs).

Eternal Royals  

A creative endeavor focusing on art by renowned digital artist Jesse Johnson. Discounts and free artwork are available only to NFT holders. In addition to the digitally unique NFT, holders have the option of purchasing a 1:1 IRL canvas print of their NFT. Once the 1:1 has been printed, there is a visible property change and a corresponding change in the metadata of the real NFT.



Polygon is a site for fictitious crypto gaming and NFTs. The most common comparison is to fantasy sports leagues and tournaments. This time, though, NFT holders will split the profits made by the competition’s entry fees and unique bonuses.


Your entry into DEFI Gambling, the biggest and most rapidly expanding online casino network. Rewards may be redeemed in-person at 150 different casinos for NFT holders. In addition, holders may participate in income sharing, rakeback, staking, and the breeding of new machines to increase their returns.


NFTs on Polygon related to sports provide fans with exclusive opportunities to engage with their sports heroes via meet-and-greets, autographed items, and more. Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, Naomi Osaka, Derek Jeter, Wayne Gretzky, Tony Hawk, Simone Biles, Usain Bolt, and Rob Gronkowski are just some of the legends that have made cameo appearances, and more are being added all the time.

NBA Top Shots

You may now trade and collect Dapper Labs’ NBA-licensed digital Moment Collectibles.

UFC Strike

Another collectible NFT from the UFC by Dapper Labs. The release was a flop.


An online marketplace for managing a digital soccer club, where virtual player cards may be bought and sold.


Making use of two types of members (Leisure and Global) to establish a cutting-edge golf and leisure club.

Unique/New Idea

Pawn Protocol

High-value NFT-backed loans using an open-source, non-custodial liquidity mechanism. Ethereum-based peer-to-peer lending/borrowing. Creates the foundation for a robust credit market, which is essential for the asset class’s continued functioning.



Took the market by storm when Larva Labs released it in June 2017. Its rapid rise to prominence has led many to consider it the most illustrious NFT ever created.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

Yuga Labs’ BAYC has seen a meteoric rise in price as more and more A-listers adopt it. The total revenue from this project is above $1 billion.


Scott Martin, as Burnt Toast, an artist, released it in October of 2021. Those that joined the initiative early on via Discord were awarded with a special coin through a restricted community pre-mint. Currently, this methodology is being used in a wide variety of applications.


In July of 2021, another PFP NFT with a high profile was launched.

World of Women (Wow)  

A group that values diversity, acceptance, and equitable access to resources.


The witching time of year is here.


Unstoppable Domains

Own your domain name and create distributed websites using Web3’s distributed hosting platform.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

It’s a lot like Unstoppable Domains, only it’s based on Ethereum.

NFT ownership-based Governance


This is essentially a gas-free, easily verifiable, and implausible-to-dispute decentralized voting mechanism.

Ticket/Token Gates


Friends with Benefits is the pinnacle of cultural memberships for the most well-known Web3 creators, administrators, and intellectuals from across the globe. You need $FWB tokens in order to participate.


Aims to provide a mechanism for rewarding creative initiatives to expand the Meebits ecosystem.


Token-gated rooms may assist in providing your community with the greatest possible experiences by allowing holders to explore new avenues of interaction and engagement.


Allows users to acquire a little piece of well-known NFT artwork. Opens the door for smaller investors to participate.


Yield Guild Games provides players with the option to use fractionalization and defi.


Allows the generation, minting, and trading of tokens backed by NFTs.

PWN Finance

PWN is a marketplace for P2P loans secured by common NFTs and collateral currencies.



 Group of influential Defi members and early NFT collectors and digital artists known for their generous collecting of works of cultural significance.


Flamingo’s mission is to strengthen the NFT ecosystem by funding, buying, archiving, collecting, and maybe tokenizing key components.


VitaDAO is creating a network of researchers and longevity enthusiasts from all around the world to find and support the most promising studies. Promising fields related to lifespan are also being funded, researched, and supported collectively.

Science/Research Fundraising

DNA Test by Nebula Genomics

Whole Genome Sequencing allows for comprehensive DNA testing while protecting your confidentiality.


Helps top researchers get funding by transforming their data and ideas into marketable products. Its ultimate goal is to speed up the introduction of innovative treatments into clinical practice.

Wearable/Fashion/Brand Marketing


The goal is to create a centralized hub for the burgeoning digital fashion industry, one that can generate sustainable new income streams and provide immersive new experiences through a Web3 marketplace for real-world virtual items.


Combines cutting-edge gaming engines, NFTs, blockchain authentication, and AR/VR technology with traditional shoemaking know-how to produce limited-edition shoes and digital works of art. Have been purchased by NIKE.

NFT Gallery/Curation

Through an NFT-centric protocol, we can bring together curators, collectors, and artists. Users may curate their own showcases for any NFT built on the Ethereum platform.


Another Web3 platform for sharing your NFTs, media, and more.


Help musicians succeed and benefit from your investment. Artists may profit from the sale of their songs’ royalties by providing collectors with exclusive benefits.


Restaurant Flyfish Club (FFC)

The first exclusive dining club whose membership is sold as a non-fungible token. Restaurants and other cultural and social events are available to cardholders.

Arts (Curated)


Market for one-of-a-kind, digital artworks. Think of it as Instagram meets Christie’s.

KnownOrigin (KO)

Learn how to find, acquire, and profit from rare digital artworks in limited editions.


The ultimate goal of the platform is to establish a new creative economy in which artists and designers can utilize the Ethereum blockchain to establish new forms of value for their creations and more meaningful relationships with their fans.


A secure digital marketplace. Providing a safe place for NFTs to be stored on Gemini’s cutting-edge platform wallet supported by custody technology. Gas-free transactions are included in this as well.


The top cryptocurrency exchange has launched its own platform for trading non-fungible tokens.

Arts (Open)

Although Opensea has its detractors, it remains the most widely used open NFT marketplace. Its sales numbers are rising and setting new benchmarks. The August 2021 volume was $3.4 billion.


The very first “community-owned marketplace” in the history of humankind.


Alternative available in the free market


Looking to unseat Opensea as the go-to marketplace for NFTs, LooksRare was launched in the midst of a flurry of free airdrops/claimable tokens.

Art (Traditional Auction House)

Christie’s Encrypted  

Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” sold for a record $69 million in March 2021, sparking an NFT bull market frenzy.

Sotheby’s Metaverse  

A generative PFP project with Sotheby’s, AMD, NFT Studios, and Hackatoo that changes over time using swappable artworks. Queens+Kings.

Virtual Land/Metaverse


There are over ten thousand worlds in this metaverse, all built on top of the free and open-source Minecraft program. More and more initiatives, BAYC included, are creating expansive worlds for their communities of users.

The Sandbox

Rising Animoca Brands have made another popular metaverse acquisition in 2018. Land here has been bought by corporations like Adidas for the purpose of creating attractions.


Where digital possessions go to be stored virtually. This was most likely the first really successful metaverse, drawing attention to the emerging market.


The first fully digital world on Cardano. a hundred thousand pieces of land.


Another Cardano endeavor, this one a large metaverse game where players play to earn, develop to earn, and learn to earn.


Animoca Brands, Polygon, Avalanche, Dextools, and many more high-profile investors have collaborated to create this 21-level, futuristic Skyscraper metaverse area.


Q: What are NFTs with utility?

NFTs with utility refer to non-fungible tokens that offer practical applications and functionality beyond just ownership. These tokens are designed to provide users with unique experiences, interactions, or services within specific platforms or industries.

Q: How do NFTs like CryptoKitties and Axie Infinity provide utility?

NFT projects like CryptoKitties and Axie Infinity offer utility by creating virtual ecosystems where users can collect, breed, trade, and battle virtual creatures or assets. These NFTs provide entertainment value, gameplay mechanics, and even potential investment opportunities within their respective platforms.

Q: What is the utility of Decentraland’s virtual land NFTs?

Decentraland’s virtual land NFTs provide utility by granting ownership rights to users, enabling them to develop, monetize, and interact with their virtual properties. Owners can create and showcase virtual experiences, art installations, or even host events on their land, fostering a thriving virtual community.

Q: How do NFTs on NBA Top Shot offer utility?

NBA Top Shot turns iconic basketball moments into NFTs, offering utility by allowing fans to collect and trade these unique digital highlights. Fans can own their favorite moments, relive memorable plays, and engage with a growing community centered on basketball culture.

Q: What makes Art Blocks NFTs unique in terms of utility?

Art Blocks focuses on generative art, where algorithms generate unique digital artworks. Art Blocks NFTs provide utility by enabling artists to monetize their generative art creations, while collectors can own one-of-a-kind pieces that showcase the intersection of art and technology.

Q: How does Rarible provide utility in the NFT space?

Rarible is a decentralized marketplace for NFTs, offering utility by empowering artists and creators to mint and sell their own digital assets directly to collectors. It removes intermediaries, giving artists more control and allowing them to monetize their work while providing a platform for collectors to discover and acquire unique NFTs.

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