PrettyLitter Colors Explained: Health-Monitoring Alerts

PrettyLitter is a ground-breaking litter with an odorless mix that is incredibly light and a simple subscription service that arrives at your home. You won’t ever have to worry about carrying bags from the shop to your car and home, and you won’t ever have to worry about running out. The characteristics of PrettyLitter, furthermore, elevate litter to a new level.

What is PrettyLitter?

PrettyLitter is a “crystal litter,” which operates somewhat differently from the typical rock-like clumping clay litter that most people use. Crystal litters are constructed of silica gel crystals, which are also used to make the tiny “Do Not Eat” pouches found in handbags and coat pockets. This substance is very absorbent. When your cat uses the restroom, crystal litter absorbs the liquid and just leaves the solids behind.

The beauty of crystal litter is that it requires less upkeep. The silica gel will absorb liquids for up to a month; all you need to do is regularly dispose of solid trash. Simply toss the litter and add a new layer for your cat once the gel is soaked (you can generally tell because it starts to turn yellow).

Pretty litter isn’t your typical crystal litter, though. It goes a step further with its “health-monitoring” litter, which alters color dependent on the pH of your cat’s pee. The litter will become yellow or orange if their poop is too acidic, and blue if it is too alkaline. Additionally, the litter will become crimson if there is blood in the animal’s pee.

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PrettyLitter changes color to alert you to potential health problems

It can be challenging to determine whether a cat is unwell or in discomfort because cats are infamous for hiding ailments. PrettyLitter changes color to alert you when your cat may be experiencing a health problem so you can aid them before it worsens into an emergency. In addition to saving you money on costly medical expenses, doing this may also save your cat’s life.

Daniel Rotman, the CEO of PrettyLitter, says, “Having lost my cat to an illness, it was a heartbreaking experience watching her get ill without having been able to help her early on.” “I founded PrettyLitter to empower cat owners to monitor their cat’s health daily.”

PrettyLitter Colors Explained:

PrettyLitter Colors Explained

1. Blue Litter

PrettyLitter will become blue or dark green if the pH level of the cat’s urine is high. This indicates that the cat may have a UTI or be in danger of acquiring bladder crystals and stones.

2. Orange Litter

An abnormally high acidity level is indicated by orange litter. The cat may be suffering from metabolic acidosis or acidosis of the renal tubules. It could also indicate that the bladder is developing crystals and stones.

3. Red Litter

Red splotches indicate that the cat’s pee contains blood. Possible causes include kidney illness, clotting issues, bladder malignancy, and bladder inflammation.

How Does the Litter Work?

Mother and father cats usually want to know how this particular litter works when they first use it. It all has to do with the pH of the cat pee, which determines how acidic or alkaline an animal’s liquid waste is.

PrettyLitter, in contrast to conventional clay cat litter, uses innovative technology to assess a cat’s pH level. Cat pee typically has a pH between 6.0 and 6.5. When acids or alkalis come into contact with Pretty Litter, chemical reactions take place that alter the color of the litter.

Dark yellow/olive green, orange, blue, and red are the four hues that change in the PrettyLitter presentation. While the color change can assist pet owners and doctors learn more about the health of the cat, a diagnosis should not be made solely only on the color change. Other aspects, such as the cat’s habitat and whether the cat is displaying any other symptoms, should be taken into account by parents and veterinarians.

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Superb odor control

Superb odor control

Get rid of that “litter box” odor. The very absorbent silica gel used in PrettyLitter removes odors by encasing urine (rather than aggregating around it) and drying out excrement. PrettyLitter eliminates smells even before you have a chance to scoop by drying up your cat’s feces.

You won’t need to constantly restock litter throughout the month since PrettyLitter absorbs and then gets rid of moisture. One cat can often get by on one bag for a whole month.

Household friendly and safe

Silicon dioxide, a substance that is present in many different types of living things in nature, is used to make PrettyLitter. It is inert, non-toxic, and does not expand when exposed to moisture. Even when cats breathe it in or consume it, it is harmless for homes and cats.

Because PrettyLitter is almost entirely dust-free, it’s a fantastic option for cats (and people) who have asthma or other respiratory conditions.


In conclusion, any cat owner who cares about their feline friend’s health and well-being must comprehend the significance of PrettyLitter’s color-changing feature. PrettyLitter’s exclusive recipe guarantees that you receive litter that is not only very absorbent and odor-controlling but also outfitted with a proactive health-monitoring system.

You may quickly identify any health concerns in your PrettyLitter by paying close attention to color changes, giving you the chance to seek veterinarian treatment as soon as possible. PrettyLitter gives you a priceless tool for managing your cat’s health and pleasure, from yellow denoting normal urine pH to several shades of blue alerting you to probable health issues.


Q: Is PrettyLitter safe for my cat?

Yes, cats are quite safe to use PrettyLitter. It is formulated with premium, non-toxic components that won’t endanger your cat.

Q: How often should I change the litter?

PrettyLitter is intended to be both durable and portable. For a single cat, it normally lasts up to a month, depending on how frequently the cat uses it. To keep the litter fresh, it is advised to scoop trash every day and to agitate the litter.

Q: Can PrettyLitter be used for multiple cats?

Yes, homes with many cats may utilize PrettyLitter. It can efficiently manage the waste of several cats while yet sending precise notifications for health monitoring.

Q: Can PrettyLitter be used with litter box liners?

Litter box liners work very well with PrettyLitter. The liner must, however, be carefully chosen to avoid affecting the litter’s capacity to change color.

Q: Is PrettyLitter environmentally friendly?

Yes, PrettyLitter is environmentally friendly. Compared to conventional clay litter, it greatly decreases waste since it is constructed of extremely absorbent silica gel. PrettyLitter is also compact and packaged in a handy way that can be recycled.

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